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The Fever World series is a new trilogy by Karen Marie Moning set in the same world as the Highlander Series and the Fever Series. This trilogy features Dani O'Malley, a rebellious young sidhe-seer, as the main protagonist. In addition, the books will feature other characters from the previous series, including Christian MacKeltar, Ryodan and the mysterious 'Dancer'. Moning has stated that while each of the books will be a 'stand-alone mystery', they will contain 'larger plot arcs' which will answer many questions left unanswered in the Fever series.


  1. Iced (October 2012)
  2. Burned (January 2015)
  3. Feverborn (January 2016)
  4. Feversong (January 2017)
  5. High Voltage (2018)